Understand yourself in relation to time.

Consider the wisdom of ancient patterns

of time and space.

Consider peering into time to unlock dynamics

and get intimate with your destiny pattern.

Unveil the true light within yourself.

Align with the sky.

Consider Astrology is about deepening our connection to ourselves and our unique destiny pattern by aligning with time. Astrology can help us rediscover our natural trajectory. Everything that arises in the Universe, every thought, every emotions, every body, anything you can touch or see or smell or feel, has a destiny. Astrology teaches us, through reading the limitation energy we come into this universe with, how to make the most of our destiny for our own realization of happiness, our spiritual realization of our enlightenment, and how we best we can work with others for a compassionate, beautiful, harmonious universe.

There is a natural order to the universe.

We arise as a temporary experience of human life in the x-y-z axis of space and in the linear progression of time - that placement in time and space is unique and never can be repeated again. That placement has unique characteristics, a unique destiny, unique qualities, skills, potentialities, in fact there is a unique future awaiting each and every one of us.

Con-sider etymologically breaks down to “with the stars”, (con - with; sider - stars) and involves becoming aware of the patterned movement of the Universe so that we may find our intimate place in such a vast design. To consider, to think carefully about and contemplate upon our destiny pattern can help us avoid unnecessary dis-aster, or “going against the stars” in our life.

We are born to fit within the grand scheme of things, yet we take ourselves out, we make ourselves not fit in some way by searching for an identity which is actually in some way already inherent within us as one with nature. The utility of astrology and other divination methods is that they gives us a deep understanding of the potential ways that we limit our energy of unlimited love and awareness.  For anyone with years of self-reflection, what is in an astrology chart is self-evident. Until we really know ourselves, we can help ourselves with these tools.

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